We recruit people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and with different skills and experience. If you feel you have the energy and passion to make a difference across a dynamic, growing organisation, check out our vacancies or send your CV with a covering note to these respective countries for a general consideration.

Precautions on Personal Data Sharing

As Keller prides itself for being an equal opportunity employer that strictly adheres to data privacy laws, please refrain from sending job application documentation or unsolicited job applications to us via generic and insecure avenues of communication such as non-HR or non-Keller email addresses or facsimile numbers intended solely for general enquiries and information, or our online contact form. We will be considering only job applications which have been submitted for positions listed on our “Vacancies” page and through the channels expressly authorised by Keller.

Hiring Scam Warning & Disclaimer

Beware of fraudulent communications claiming to represent Keller Group plc and/or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries within the region of South-East Asia (“Keller ASEAN”, “our” or “we”). Should any individuals or organisations promise you a job at Keller ASEAN in exchange for sums of money for what may seem to be legitimate purposes, please turn down such offers immediately. 

Please note that Keller ASEAN does not ask for money from prospective candidates at any point in our recruitment process. Prospective candidates who are offered employment at Keller ASEAN will always go through a formal recruitment process.

Such communications are fraudulent. They neither originate from nor are associated with Keller ASEAN. Tell-tale signs of such fraud include the use of non-Keller email addresses (for instance, the sender may use a Gmail or Yahoo address), poor command of the English language and involve the request for money.

In instances where we engage professional recruitment agencies to assist with the recruitment process, offers are always made directly by Keller ASEAN and not by any third parties. We shall not be responsible to any party acting on an employment offer not directly made by Keller ASEAN.

We strongly advise that you refrain from responding to such communications and to not disclose your personal information to an unknown individual. If you receive any unauthorised, suspicious or fraudulent offers or interview calls, contact your local law enforcement authorities and provide them with all the information you have about these unknown individuals (email addresses, phone numbers, etc).

Disclaimer: Keller ASEAN shall not take responsibility for the content of any information, nor shall it be liable for any loss or damage of any nature whatsoever suffered, or may be suffered, by any party or member of the public arising from or as a result of reliance on or usage of any information from portals, websites or email domains other than those authorised by Keller ASEAN.