Excellent track record of past work earned Keller its long-time client’s trust to perform ground improvement work that provided cost and time savings for the project. With high health and safety standards, Keller reached early completion of project with zero incidents and no COVID-19 cases.

Keller ASEAN performs Vibro Stone Column ground improvement work for Tol Serang-Panimbang in Indonesia

The project

With excellent performance working on client’s previous projects such as Jakarta LRT and Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway, Keller was appointed once again to perform ground improvement work. The project was a highway construction and called for Keller’s expertise in design and build with Vibro Stone Columns.

The challenge

Keller was tasked to prepare ground comprising of soft silty clay to support embankments for the construction of Tol Serang-Panimbang. With a tight schedule of 2 months and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Keller had to propose the most cost and time efficient solutions and execute work with high health and safety standards.

The solution

Keller provided design and build solutions for the project and installed Vibro Stone Columns of up to 16m depth. Our proposed Vibro Stone Columns turned out to be more cost efficient than pile slabs and more time efficient than the initially proposed bamboo piles. With expertise and vast experience in the technique, Keller completed the project 2 weeks ahead of schedule with zero incidents and no COVID-19 cases.

Client's testimonial:

"The professional geotechnical sub contractor start from mitigation, design, and execution. They struggle at the beginning, but never give up and recover part by part until completion. Good communications is their key to achieve success." - MK WSP

Project facts


PT Wijaya Karya Serang Panimbang Toll Road (WSP)

Keller business unit(s)

Keller Franki Indonesia

Main contractor(s)

PT Wijaya Karya