Despite challenges faced, Keller completed the work in less than a month. Client was satisfied and commended the good quality of our work and our ability to deliver fast and safe.

Tanjung Langsat Storage Yard in Malaysia

The project

In Tanjung Langsat, Johor, a storage yard is being developed by Meridian Maplestar. The yard consists of a factory, an office and other ancillary facilities. Keller was engaged to improve the area where the lighter structures are to be constructed.

The challenge

The main challenge was the poor access condition especially when raining. Our team have to put a layer of crusher run to improve access to the site. To ensure there is sufficient stone supply, stone delivery was carefully planned.

The solution

To improve the soil where the structures are to be built, Keller installed over 2,900 lin m of Vibro stone columns to depths down to 10.5 m. Plate load tests were also performed in this project to ensure that the stone columns meet the requirement of less than 30 mm maximum settlement.

Project facts


Meridian Maplestar Sdn Bhd, subsidiary of Pan-United Corp Ltd

Keller business unit(s)

Keller ASEAN

Main contractor(s)

Keller (M) Sdn Bhd