Keller innovated on our use of equipment to allow limited headroom stone column construction, while complying to stringent airport safety standards.


Hong Kong Link Road project by Keller

The project

The works involved land reclamation as part of the Hong Kong airport island and  building a road to connect the Zhuhai bridge to the crossing facilities. Keller was  engaged to carry out ground improvement work using Vibro stone columns to  support the reclaimed land seawall.

The challenge

Working beside the airport and runway, one of the major challenges was  machine height restrictions. Some areas were only allowed to use as low as 16m  high machinery. Keller developed a telescopic vibro stone tube that enabled the  installation of Stone columns for half of the area while the remaining were  carried out during runway closure. Keller had also carried out a site trial showing  our ability to evacuate within half an hour on emergency cases where the  runway is needed.

The solution

Keller carried out reclamation works using gravel between 4m to 7m thick. The  gravel layer was densified as the Stone columns were installed. To minimize the  difficulty of retrieving the stone column tube, pre-drilling down to 9m was carried  out. Working under stringent requirements, our team completed the work with no  incidents and no disturbance on the airport operations.

Project facts


Hong Kong Highway Department

Keller business unit(s)

Keller ASEAN

Main contractor(s)

China State Construction Engineering