Safety and the Environment


Safety is a significant part of how we work. At Keller, we hold our managers and supervisors accountable for the safety of our people. We expect them to demonstrate effective leadership in safety. However, all employees are responsible for preventing and correcting unsafe behaviour or work conditions. We are also committed to comply with local regulations where we operate, and to international practices wherever practicable.

We firmly believe that all accidents are preventable. Therefore, we endeavour to identify, assess and manage risks prior to starting work. Our workplaces are regularly checked to better understand work practices and come up with more effective ways of managing risks. Accidents and potential near misses are investigated to determine root causes and we take necessary steps to prevent recurrence.

Our aim is to create a permanent behaviour change through awareness building. We want to develop a proactive approach towards safety. We are committed to the group’s “Think Safe” program. We strive to maintain and continually improve our health and safety standards to reach our ultimate safety goal of Zero Injuries in all our operations.


Community and Environment

Keller ASEAN endeavours to minimize the impact of our operations on the community and the environment. We do this by using our resources efficiently, reducing wastage of materials and fuel, right-sizing of equipment and properly disposing of waste material. We also encourage the use of alternative construction methods, including low-carbon alternatives. In some cases, we help our customers make informed choices by providing calculations to show the relative carbon footprints of different solutions.